A fairytale landscape between the Alps and the Adriatic




The rolling hills of Brda in north-western Slovenia are dotted with romantic villages, green vineyards, olive trees and orchards. You can find welcoming wine cellars and tourist farms at every turn. The energy of the sun and love produce wine, sweet fruits, honey and olive oil. People of Brda are proud, strongly connected to their land and tradition. They welcome guests as good friends on their first visit.

The recipes of good-natured Brda grandmothers are still divine commandments for the local cuisine, but they are often spiced with ingenuity and a modern cosmopolitan touch. Wherever you stop in Brda, you will find yourself surrounded by aromas that can only exist where the freshness of the Alps and the warmth of the Mediterranean intertwine.

events in Brda


The CHERRY FESTIVAL in June is the best known event in Brda for tourists. During this time, Brda put on their round, red-cheeked face. Red and crunchy Brda cherries had already been prized in the Imperial Court of Vienna. The Cherry Festival is always followed by the traditional Brda procession.


BRDA & WINE in April is a traditional festival of wine and cuisine. Don’t miss this gourmet experience with tastings of superior quality wines by Brda winemakers.


The RIBOLLA AND OLIVE OIL FESTIVAL is a traditional event that attracts many visitors to the tasting of local wine varieties and gastronomic treasures of Brda.


ST. MARTIN’S DAY FESTIVAL in November is a festival of young wine, bringing together winemakers with lovers of precious wine and autumn delicacies. One of the largest St. Martin’s Day celebrations in Slovenia takes place in Brda, which the locals prepare with a special passion.



Discover Brda with colourful feelings and a green mind-set!

The land of intoxicating moments in all seasons invites you to an active vacation in hiking boots or on a bicycle.

When hikers walking the Alpe Adria Trail arrive in Brda and see the vista of undulating hills, their hearts soar. Particularly in spring, when the land is covered with white and pink flowers. Eight special hiking trails wind through vineyards, orchards and olive groves. All are named after old Brda cherry varieties.

Gradnik’s Trail, named after the famous poet who described life in Brda as “stars falling from the sky”, is also interesting. The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic runs through Brda, too, and is today full of hopes and reminders from the time of the First World War. There are also nine cycling routes through the hilly region. In Brda, they are named after the juicy and sweet Brda fruits that tempt cyclists as they’re pushing their pedals. For the greatest pleasure seekers at heart, who don’t want to exert themselves too much among the hills, locals provide another ecomobility solution – electric bicycles.


Have you ever heard of any story of nobles in Brda? Brda is full of them! The land of fruits and sunshine was tempered in the heart of Slavic, Romanesque and Germanic worlds, so it has a dramatic history. Since lords and nobility have always loved to come to Brda for rest and socialising, some great gems of Slovenian cultural heritage have been made in the middle of these green hills.

The Dobrovo Castle, with its beautiful Renaissance building, is clearly visible from all directions.

Villa Vipolže is the most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia, has recently taken on a completely renovated look, and now houses the most modern centre for cultural, business and educational tourism.

The fortified medieval village of Šmartno attracts many enthusiastic visitors to the geographical heart of Brda, as it is considered one of the most beautiful cultural monuments in Slovenia because of its romantic and picturesque appearance. A view opens up from its walls of the undulating landscape and the peak of Sabotin, from where, if the weather is clear, you can admire the highest Slovenian mountains above the emerald valley of Soča and the Adriatic Sea.

*Summarised from TIC Brda Tourist Information Centre.